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Only The Memories Remain

March 17, 2014

Briars and brambles
Choke the yard
Where we galloped around
The overgrown flowerbeds
Blossom with weeds
Vanished is the swingset
That provided hours of fun
A gaping hole
Marks the spot
Where the house stood
Filled  with laughter and tears
Plowed under
Is the patch of sumac
That made our forts
Becoming cowboys and indians,
Brave knights,  wicked pirates,
Or intergalactic travelers
Hewed away with axe and saw
Are all the trees
That we once climbed
The barn stands empty
The cattle long gone
With a roof full of holes
Erased are the sheds and bamboo grove
Where we played hide-and-seek
The hedgerows have been bulldozed
Where we picked berries
The pastures turned into hayfields
A wilderness has replaced
What I once called home
Strangers dwell
Where family once lived
Only the memories remain.


In response to Poetry Prompt # 2 – The Places We Are
This week share a poem about a place that was dear to you, but is no longer there.

  1. This is a beautiful piece and you captured the essence so nicely. It left me melancholic and longing for there to be a chance to see you run and frollic around that place, in that prime time.

    Thank you very much for writing to my promp, I hope it inspired you! 🙂

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thank you, its has been sitting in the back of my mind for a while, your prompt gave it a place to come out. I read several of your posts today and was very impressed. I just started following you. Please keep writing such good prompts.

  2. Fantastic imagery, love it.

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