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March 16, 2014
Sunset - Sahm

Sunset – Sahm

Haekon Quaye stared at the fiery ball that was the setting sun, glowing brightly over the darkening sea. The Greatship Sea Breeze ran with the tide from the Outer Harbor, one of many escorted by a flotilla of smaller vessels. All were heavily laden with supplies and passengers. He turned for one final glance at the shores of Korrad. It was a bitter thing, this knowledge that he would never again return to walk the streets of the city of Eastharbor. Captain Quaye was as foolish as any man at times, but not foolish enough to ignore one of the Nemesi when they spoke. Haekon shuddered, chilled to the bone as he remembered its appearance in the backroom of the Sea Farer’s Rest where the Greatship Captains congregated. It was hooded and cloaked in black and its left hand carried a golden staff with a bloodred light gleaming at the tip. With a hollow voice it issued the dire warning. “Fire and flood, death and blood, The Final Judge travels on swift wings, His nets are cast wide. Korrad shall fall into the Depths, not a single stone shall remain, only the Greatships have a chance to escape, sail westwards with the morrow’s evening tide or share her fate. Speak of this and you will perish.” Bonded to Death, the Nemesi were never wrong. The other captains had leapt to their feet and burst forth shouting orders. The staff had swung to block Haekon’s path. “One moment, I have a task for you.”

Haekon bowed and resumed his seat. The room emptied. The Nemesis swept its right hand up to its hood, pulling it down to reveal its face. Trembling with remembered pain and rage, Haekon recognized it, a mirror of his own. He drew a slow breath calming himself. “How may I serve Nemesis?” His bass was rough.

Emotionless eyes regarded him. “When the Magi take us to become Nemesi all Old Bonds are broken and we are Bound to Death and to serve the will of the Council.”

“Everyone knows this Nemesis.”

“They do not know that there is one Bond set so deep that even the Magi can not touch it. The Bond of Blood, Bone and Flesh. Nor do they realize that new Bonds can form, just not with people.” Its right hand grasped the cloak lifting it. A large battle-scarred black cat with bright green eyes sat at its feet. “This is Warrior, he is a fierce killer of dire rats, he has been my only companion and friend for years. I ask you in memory of the womb we shared that you take him with you.”

He nodded. “He shall have a place of honor all his days, but what of you?”

“The Magi have restricted all Nemesi to the shores of Korerd.” A cold smile filled its face. “The Magi are marked for Death and I intend to make them regret the day they Selected me.” He shivered at the dark promise that it carried. It bent and gently touched the cat’s head. “Go to Captain Quaye and stay with him.” The cat mewed sadly, rose and walked over to Haekon’s side. The Nemesis straightened, restored its hood, turned, and swept out.

Haekon held his hand down. The cat sniffed, then rubbed against it breaking into a rusty, rumbling purr. “Let’s go Warrior.” The cat trotting at his heels, Haekon headed for the waterfront.

The docks bustled with frantic activity as crews loaded their families and goods. Rumors abounded, but none of them came close to the truth. When authority in the form of the Harbormaster, questioned the activity, Haekon replied. “A Nemesi ordered us to sail.”

“Which Nemesis?” The Harbormaster cried in high dudgeon.

“I don’t know. It was hooded”

“Exactly what did it tell you?” The Harbormaster blustered.

“Only that the Greatships must sail on tomorrow’s evening tide, Harbormaster.” The man grumbled in disgust but left to badger the next captain.

Haekon was fortunate, all of his blood save one sailed with him upon the tide in the Sea Breeze. A single tear welled up from his remaining eye as he thought of her, once his other self. He gently stroked the fur of the tomcat in his arms, her only legacy. “Make them cry my sister!” He told his twin. Resolutely he squared his shoulders, faced forwards and steered Sea Breeze towards the future.

In response to We Drink Because We’re Poets Story Prompt #1 – From A Photo

  1. A good tale, really powerful. You’ve done a good job in devleoping the aptmosphere and characteres…I’d like to see where the story will lead. Thanks for participating!

    • emilykarn permalink

      Thank you, I’m working on some of the front story at the moment, I don’t know how it’ll end yet.

      • Do we ever know how a story will end when we’re at the beginning? Looking forward to see where you go!

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