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Surreal Shockwave

March 1, 2014
The Persistance of Memory by Dali

The Persistance of Memory by Dali

The Disintegration of Persistance by Dali

The Disintegration of Persistance by Dali

Ever have an experience that felt surreal, as though you’d been suddenly transported into the twilight zone, where time seemed to warp, perhaps slowing down or speeding up? tell us all about it. If you haven’t had an experience in real life that you can draw from, write a fictional account of a surreal experience.

The shockwave of his words hit me like a twenty pound sledge-hammer, flinging me into a universe that was moving in slow motion. I had all the time in the world to notice every tiny detail. A droplet of water trembled on the cusp of the faucet’s lip for hours. The light from the window revealed each sparkling and shining, miniscule mote of dust trapped by the sun’s rays. The droplet released, tumbling down lazily like refrigerated honey towards the drain. “Plop…..!” It landed on the stainless steel of the sink. The sound thundered and echoed as it landed. “Thump….!” My heart beat once loudly like a huge kettle drum. The roar of the blood in my veins was like the surge of the ocean pounding against the shore. Darkness dimmed my vision as I blinked slowly. My limbs were heavy and leaden. I stood frozen in place like a granite statue. I could hear a vague low-pitched drone as a fly buzzed, suspended in midair like it was stuck in tacky glue. I could see every beat of its wings. The seconds hand of the wall clock crept forward like a snail across the face. “Tick……!” The noise reverberated through my mind. My thoughts inched like a glacier. Pain filled my soul as I absorbed the jolt I’d been dealt. Suddenly everything snapped back into focus. “What did you say?” I asked numbly.

“I’m leaving you Lisa, I can’t cope with this madness you call a life any more.” My husband of two and a half years announced coldly.

In response to Daily Prompt: Twilight Zone Emily

  1. I love the detail of everything becoming more alive as you are conscious of your surroundings. It really comes together with the last line.

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