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February 25, 2014

Its Sources
are Myriad.
It comes Gently
in the Night
Drifting Slowly
on Gossamer Wings
Born out of my Dreams.
It is the Flash of Fire
as an Idea
Blossoms in my Mind.
It is the Feelings
that Well Up
from the Bottom
of my very Soul.
It is the Soft Fur
and Quiet Purr
of the Cat
Sleeping on my Lap.
It is the Taste
Of Blood and Tears.
It is What Makes
me Sing or Shout,
the Outpouring
of Hopes and Fears.
It can be Found
in Anything.


In response to We Drink Inspiration-Poetry Prompt # 012 What Inspires You?
Dedicate a piece to that which inspires you.

From → Poetry

  1. I love everything about this….the word choices, the rhythm, the descriptive word pictures, the way you pulled in so many different sources of inspiration. Just absolutely lovely 🙂

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