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What Merit Lies

February 24, 2014


What Merit lies,
in Seeking after
what can’t be Found?
All else is Dross,
when Gold strews
the Ground.
You can never
Count the Cost,
of that which
is Forever Lost.
Be Wary
of what you Seek,
the Earth shall be
Inherited by the Meek.
Grasp too Eagerly
at all you Find,
You Stand to Lose
Heart, Soul, and Mind.
For in Due Time
all Wordly Pleasures
Leaving you to Dwell
in the Hell
you’ve Made.
Someday you must Choose
what Pains you the Least
to Refuse.
Money, Power, and Fame
won’t Keep you Satisfied
when you Long
for a True Lover
to Stay by your Side.
Your Heart is the Key
Turn the Lock,
Open the Door,
and Take Stock.



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