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Broken Dreams

February 22, 2014


Broken Dreams lie Scattered,
across my Mind’s floor,
they were Shattered,
when you Slammed the Door.
I Dwell within,
Bittersweet Memories,
of Happiness and Joy,
the Way Things used to be.
I remember a Time,
when our Love was New,
Together there was Nothing,
that we Couldn’t Do.
You’ve Packed and gone Away,
I Sit here in the Dark,
the House is Coldly Barren,
my World looks Bleak and Stark.
You’ve Bidden me
a Final “Farewell,”
Pain Burns in my Soul
the Future I can’t Tell.
Into the Past,
I Dare not Stray,
only the Present Remains,
a Vista Filled with Rot and Decay.
Your Love I Thought True,
You’ve Ripped out my Heart,
you did me Wrong,
and Tore Everything Apart.
Emptiness has Taken the Place
where your Love once Shone,
Hope from me has been Shorn,
I Stand Forsaken and Alone.



From → Poetry

  1. I love that your mind has a floor – it seems to have no ceiling. I love your creativity.

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