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Escape From The Purge

February 18, 2014

I ran for the door, but someone had taken the keys. I checked the security desk. The guard lay dead behind it. “Thirty minutes to level three purge.” The computer coldly announced. Lights flashed and alarms blared. I thought frantically. The main doors were locked down. The nearest emergency exit was one floor up at the other end of the building. I’d never make it in high heels. I kicked them off and raced down the hall, my lab coat flapping.

“Twenty-five minutes to level three purge.” I cursed silently. My stocking clad feet were slipping on the polished hallway. I needed better traction! “Doctor Franks” the nameplate on a nearby door read. A fitness freak about my size, he might have some shoes I could wear. I debated for a moment. I wasn’t even a third of the way to my goal, a few minutes delay would be worth it. I tried the handle. Unlocked, thank God for his carelessness! I darted inside. I opened the closet. The emergency lighting left the interior dim. I bent over, pawing desperately through the contents. Yes! I found a pair of sneakers. I exhaled in relief. I sat on the couch and crammed my feet into them.

“Twenty minutes to level three purge.” I finished lacing them and stood up. Good enough I decided. I resumed my flight.

“Fifteen minutes to level three purge.” I stopped as I neared the stairwell and cautiously peeked around the corner. A pair of armed terrorists guarded it. My heart sank, now what?

It came to me in a flash. The old dumb-waiter in Lab Seven-A was hidden behind the new cabinetry, they might not know about it. It was the only chance I had. I back tracked and turned right.

“Ten minutes to level three purge.” There. I sidled forward and looked through the small window. No one visible. I crouched down, turned the doorknob, and gently nudged it open. Nothing. I crept into the room. Empty! I edged under the cabinet. There it was! I grabbed the handle and lifted. It resisted me. Please don’t be stuck! I wrenched harder. Screeching protest, it reluctantly moved. I curled myself into the small space. I punched the down button and pulled the outer door shut. Gears groaned in protest, but moved.

“Five minutes to level three purge.” I snuck into the laundry bay. The large truck sat in the shadows. I looked around carefully, but couldn’t see anyone. I snatched the keys from their peg. I jumped into the truck and started it. I jammed it into gear and drove.

“One minute to level three purge.” A terrorist leapt in front of me. I stomped on the gas, gritted my teeth and ran him down. I crashed through the security gates. A bare quarter of a mile down the driveway the lab erupted in a huge gout of fiery flames. The powerful explosion jolted me. Safe! I relaxed.

491 Words in response to Finish That Thought #33, mandatory first sentence, under 500 words, Special Challenge: Include a countdown and/or a ticking clock. Emily

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