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The Silence Of The Dead

February 17, 2014



In this Chamber deep Underground
I can hear no other Sound
than the rapid Beat of my Heart
a Sense of Comfort it doth Impart
only the Whisper of my Breath
Disturbs the Silence of Death
a Stillness that Rests Unbroken
by Words Never again to be Spoken
Musty air Smothers me in this Place
Walls of Stone tightly Enclose the Space
the Utter Blackness is Complete
my Fear I can not Defeat
my Hands I don’t See before my Face
I Walk a Slow and Measured Pace
no other Living Thing is Around
I Explore in detail this Burial Mound
Strange thoughts Race through my Head
Listening to the Silence of the Dead
I Stand Alone in the Darkness
the Gloom my Spirit does Depress
I think I shall Loudly Scream
Trying to Awake from this Bad Dream
I remember All that Life once Held for me
People and Things that Never Again will I See
Trapped Deep in this Living Nightmare
with no one Left Behind to Care
Alone am I in this Undead Life
Filled with Hardship and Strife
my Heartbeat Begins to Race
Tears Streak wetly down my Face
I Tremble in Horror and Dread
at the Silence of the Dead
in this Tomb I am Forever Bound
My Fear and Hatred are Profound
An Evil Spell Binds me to this Shape
Forever I shall Seek to Escape
Should I eventually Break Free
I will not Show a Scrap of Mercy
The Fate of the Spellcaster will be Dire
I shall Make of him a living Pyre
Revenge shall one Day be Mine
His Wicked Deeds he shall Repine!
Once my Burning Ire has been Feed
I’ll Join the Silence of the Dead.


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