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The Survey: Part Seven

February 15, 2014

“Can you see them?” The emergency lighting was dim.

“Between the wind and the snow visibility is down to three feet.”

The trailer rocked slightly. “Did you feel that?” Bob asked in alarm.

“Relax, it’s just the wind. Antarctica doesn’t have land predators.” Something howled outside. It slammed against the left side hard enough to leave a large dent.

“Something’s here Henry!”

“Quick, grab a weapon!”

They raced for the equipment locker. BANG! The trailer was knocked over onto its side. Beakers full of flammable chemicals fell from their racks and shattered, mixing their contents. “Henry!” Bob shrilled in panic.

“We gotta get out, now!” They scrambled for the door now above them. The pilot light of the gas range sparked. KABOOM! The trailer exploded! Scattered pieces were strewn across the landscape.

Having protected its Masters bodies from discovery the alien guard dog returned to its kennel to sleep until the next incursion.

153 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Challenge – Day Seven, today’s word: flammable . Emily

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