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The Survey: Part Six

February 14, 2014

“Max, come in Max.” He heard only static in reply on the walkie-talkie. “It’s been too long, I’m going to check on him.” Charlie announced. “You guys keep on working.” Bob and Henry grunted assent. Charlie stepped outside. He clipped onto the safety line. Every few steps he shouted through hands cupped around his mouth. “Max, where are you, Max?” He was halfway to the shed when the line suddenly went slack. “What the hell!” He heard a soft growl from the swirling snow. A beastly form appeared out of the darkness. “But there aren’t any polar bears in Antarctica.” He said. The creature charged at him. A huge paw lashed out. Bleeding, Charlie fell to the ground. The animal loomed over him, as it opened its gaping jaws he realised something. “You’re not a polar bear, in fact you’re not from this planet at all!” Sharp teeth crunched together and all thought ceased.

151 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Challenge – Day Six, today’s word: Beastly. Emily

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