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The Survey: Part Five

February 13, 2014

Max could hear the steady chuffing of the generator. He opened the door of the shed and stepped inside. “Genny’s working, but no power? You just had to boast about being able to fix anything, didn’t you Max.” He began to trace the wiring. When he gently tugged on it outside the wall, it wiggled loosely. He reeled it in. A sharp, clean break was revealed. “What the heck?” He said incredulously. “This wire’s been cut!” He reached for his walkie-talkie. He felt the hairs on the nape of his neck stand at attention. “Guys?” He heard a loud wuff. “Guys, this isn’t funny!” Some large, unseen creature lunged at him. He felt a fiery pain in his back. He opened his mouth to scream and coughed up a huge gout of bright red blood. He slumped to the frigid ground. The pain changed to an icy numbness and everything went black.

154 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Challenge – Day Five, today’s word: boastful. Emily

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