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The Survey: Part Four

February 12, 2014

The beam of the large flashlight created a small pool of brightness in the dark Antarctic night. Max finished wrapping the long multi-colored scarf his girlfriend had handcrafted for him around his face and throat. He strapped his tool belt to his waist and pulled on his gloves. He picked up the flashlight with his right hand. He opened the trailer door and stepped outside. He huffed out his breath as the bitter chill bite into him. He tucked his head down onto his chest. Sliding along the side of the trailer, he trudged forward through the blowing, swirling snow. He came to the end of the trailer. He reached out and snagged the safety line with his left hand. Carefully he clipped himself onto it. “Damn generator!” He grumbled as he stumbled onwards. “Just fixed it.” He tromped towards the equipment shed. The wind howled and moaned around him.

150 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Challenge – Day Four, Today’s word: handcrafted. Emily

    • Thank you. I just remebered the Polar Vortex I experienced the other week, inspiration comes from where ever you find it after all.

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