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The Survey: Part Three

February 11, 2014

Around two Bob gave an excited shout. “Guys, come take a look at this!”

“Whoa, this metal alloy is like nothing on earth!” Henry marveled.

“Exactly! We’ve finally found definitive proof of an alien shipwreck.” Charlie gloated.

“What’s next?” Max asked.

“We find the wreck itself, of course. I want every step documented and double checked. There can’t be any slip-ups!” Charlie ordered.

“The weather may give us some problems, there’s a front moving in.” Bob fretted.

“We can cope with it, we’ve got all the necessary equipment and gear. This is the discovery of a lifetime boys! We’ll go down in the history books!” Charlie said bracingly.

“Humph!” Max snorted. What good was being written about in a book if you froze to death first? He wondered silently.

The wind began to howl outside the trailer. Light, fluffy flakes of snow started to drift down. “This should be intersting.” Henry said understatedly.

153 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Chalenge – Day Three, today’s word: shipwreck,. Emily

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