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The Fall

February 11, 2014


The cat meowed, and stretched, and that was when I first heard the screams. I glanced out the window and stared at the scene it revealed. Citizens were yelling and fleeing in terror down the streets. The panic spread to include the live stock. Horses neighed shrilly and bolted. Oxen bellowed and stampeded lumberingly. One poor man fell and got trampled into a bloody paste under the wheels of a grain cart. I leaned out the window, craning my head in the direction they were running from. I froze in terror. Distant on the horizon, a giant wall of water charged for the city! It towered high above even the far-reaching spires of the Temple.

I knew in an instant that the city was doomed! I lunged up the stairs. There was no sense in taking to the crowded streets, I’d be trapped in the seething mass of humanity below. I burst out onto my rooftop. I turned to face the mountain. My house stood at the end of the block. I darted to the building’s edge. I gathered myself and hurdled the alley space. I thumped onto my neighbor’s roof. I scrambled frantically across the city, racing against time and fate. A few other hardy souls joined my flight. I didn’t dare look back, I knew that I’d trip. There! I saw the marble gleam of the city walls. I made one final, magnificent leap. I landed, grasped the far side of the wall and dropped to the ground. My bent knees helped absorb the shock of landing. I bent panting for a moment, marshalling my strength. One of the other escapees screeched in agony as he landed wrongly, bones jutting out from his legs. I blessed the Gods for my youth and athleticism. I swerved onto the road and broke into a steady, ground covering run. A dull, rumbling roar filled the air. I knew that it was the sound of the oncoming wave. I risked a quick glance backwards. The gates were tightly jammed with a shouting, churning group of people all trying to squeeze through at once. The wave hadn’t hit the Harbour yet, there was still time! I carefully paced myself as I raced past the fields. I reached the foothills and started to scale them. The slope grew steeper and I had to slow my speed Gasping, I came to rest at their top. I turned to watch. “Crash!” The wave engulfed the city. It churned and ground inexorably towards me! It lapped at the edges of the foothill a few inches from my feet, but came no further. I exhaled in relief. I was safe!

The earth shuddered under me. The tremors grew stronger. The earthquake rocked the island. “BOOM!” The volcano erupted. A sea of molten rock fountained up. A huge ball of flame arced towards me. My last thought was, “So, this is how Atlantis ends!” The lava bomb engulfed me. I felt a burning pain, then there was only blackness.

499 words In response to Finish That Thought #32.
Mandatory first sentence: The cat meowed, and stretched, and that was when I first heard [the scream]. Under 500 Words, Special challenge: Set your story before the year 1900CE. Emily

  1. I like the detail within the first paragraph. It grips you to keep reading.

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