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The Survey: Part Two

February 10, 2014

They had just finished eating when they heard a vehicle approaching along the rough trail. “Who is it Henry?”

Henry stepped to the right side window and peered out. “Charlie and Max are back.”

The door to the trailer banged open. Their coworkers burst into the cramped confines of the trailer. “Whew! That wind is sure bitter today.” Charlie boomed loudly.

“Did you get the generator fixed?” Bob asked anxiously.

“Yep.” Max grunted laconically.

“Thanks to the series of misfortunes this survey has experienced we’re coming dangerously close to going over budget.” Henry fretted.

“Relax, it’s going to be fine. We’ve already repaired every single piece of equipment on site. What else is left to break?” Charlie soothed him. “How are the assays going?”

“We are getting some very promising returns.” Bob said eagerly.

“We’ll get the supplies unloaded then lend you a hand.” Charlie announced. Cases of food soon lined the countertops.

153 Words in response to February Seven Day Story Challenge – Day Two, today’s word: Misfortune. Emily

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