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I, Jane Smith

February 10, 2014

What if you were a Super-Zero? Tell me about your average joe alter-ego.

I believe that the best defense consists of in hiding in plain sight. I chose a simple, common name to use: Jane Smith. I picked a career as a kindergarten teacher. What could be more innocuous or innocent? Best of all, I am in charge of shaping and molding young minds! My hours are regular and my lesson plans are easy. I passed all the background checks with flying colors. I wear loose clothing and no jewelry. My mousey brown hair is worn in a frumpy style. I put on no makeup and wear Coke bottle thick glasses. I blend in: following the same daily routine as my coworker, shopping at the local stores, and attending community events. I pay all my taxes and obey all laws. It’s hard work being so plain and bland all the time, but worth it. It works wonderfully, not a single person pays me any attention!

In response to Weekly what If Writing Challenge 02/10/2014. Emily

  1. Perfect alter-ego. Little miss plain jane that no one pays attention too. Thanks for linking up to the challenge

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