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The Survey: Part One

February 9, 2014


Strong winds gusted over the barren and desolate location. The small camp was the only sign of life for hundreds of miles. Henry removed the core sample and set it aside. “What do you think Bob?” He asked his coworker, clad as he was in coveralls.

“A couple more, just to be sure our results are accurate, don’t want to wind up with egg on our faces after all.” Bob replied. They carefully repositioned the drill a few feet away and recomenced operations. The large bit whined as it dug through the hard frozen ground. Several hours later, with the sunlight fading, they gathered their samples and made the trek back to the trailer lab. “I’m ready to call it a day Henry.”

“Me too Bob. These samples can wait until tomorrow.”

They rose early and began processing. “How’s it looking Henry?” Bob asked when they broke for lunch.

“The initial results are quite promising. We’ll need to run some more detailed tests.”

In response to Februray Seven Day Story Challenge – Day One
Today’s word: initial (or any form of the word).
Objective: write a story over the next seven days. Identify the approximate number of words you want to write each day and keep to it, 150-200 words per day suggested.

I chose 150 words per day. I wrote 163 today. Emily

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