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The Land Of Shades

February 9, 2014


It is a Dark and Timeless Place
this Somber Land of Shades
Filled with Lost Souls of every Race
where Restless Trees form Whispering Glades
a Black Sun Shines over a Dim and Misty Land
the Surroundings are Barren and Desolate
Revealed are Landscapes Featureless and Bland
a Sense of Melancholy Emptiness does Dominate
the Scene is Gloomy and Forlorn
the View is Obscured by Grey Shadow
Ghosts Feel a Despair to Great to be Bourne
their Spirits Swiftly Sink Down Low
the Sky is Sullenly Overcast
a Leaden Vista the Souls does Depress
a Disconsolate Aura Leaves the Wraiths
Aghast a Mournful panorama that Causes Phantoms Distress
a World of Endless Twilight
the Very Ground is Dismal and Wane
Fit only for a Troglodyte
Linger Long and go Insane
Made for Bullies, Cowards and Fools
better Known as Hell
Here My Lord Hades Rules
and Nothing Shall Ever Be Well.


From → Poetry

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