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The Collector

February 7, 2014
Panatheniac Stadium 1896 Openning

Panatheniac Stadium 1896 Openning

Hubert carefully scrolled the cursor across the computer screen, zeroing in on his target. “Almost… Almost…. There! Gotcha!” His finger stabbed the Execute button. Machinery whirred and hummed. A beam of light reached out and locked onto the figure crossing the finish line. “Copying object.” Lights flashed. A large erect tube filled with mist. The machinery fell silent. A bell dinged. “Cloning completed.” The mist cleared to reveal a naked man standing in the tube.

“Yes!” Mr. Walters shouted aloud in triumph. “That takes care of 1896 Athens, Greece. Let’s move on to the next nexus.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Walters.” The lab-coated Hubert replied. “Resetting for 1900 Paris, France. Time Machine engaging.

“You’re sure that there’ll be no duplication?” Mr. Walters asked worriedly.

“Relax, it’s a proprietory process, Mr. Walters. I guarantee it.” Hubert soothed.

“I’ll be the envy of every member of the Famous Athletes Club with a complete set of Marathon winners!” Mr. Walters gloated.

155 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-9, 150 words (10-word leeway) Dragon’s Bidding: Envy. Emily


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  1. Ha ha! I hope they don’t go missing from the original event mid-race!

    • They are cloned copies, not the origionals, and are only taken fter they cross the finish line.

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