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February 4, 2014

First sentence: Fingers trembling, [s]he slowly unrolled the ancient document. Special Challenge: Include a sentence in a foreign (non-English) language.

Fingers trembling, he slowly unrolled the ancient document. Montana Brown gasped in disbelief as he read the faded Latin inscription. “Hic sunt dracones.” He spoke the translation out loud. “Here are Dragons.” The map showed the area that modern cartographers Had christened “The Bermuda Triangle. “No wonder so many vessels have vanished there.” He mused. Finally, he had a solid clue! He opened his notebook and swiftly transcribed the sailing directions included in the document. “Hold on Dad, I’m coming!” He shouted in relief. Early the next morning he chartered a small boat and put out to sea. The weather forecast had called for a clear day, so he was very surprised by the fog that suddenly billowed over the ocean. He activated the radar and continued on his course. Minutes later all the instruments went wild. “Where the heck is all that interference coming from?” He wondered. The wind began to gust strongly and the day grew dim. A flash of lightning and a loud “Boom!” announced the arrival of a thunderstorm. The darkness increased. The motor stuttered and died. He turned the key repeatedly without any luck. Wearing his life jacket he went aft and opened the engine compartment. He checked every connection with no result. “Darn it!” He started forward, over the sounds of waves hitting the boat and the shriek of the wind, he could hear a dull roaring. He thought he recognized it. “Breakers? Why would I be hearing breakers, there isn’t any land here?” He managed to get the spot light working. He was just in time to see that The Wanderer was headed straight for a jagged and rough shore line. With a jolt the boat crashed against the rocks. Montana was flung into the ocean. He started swimming, then he caught an in going wave and body surfed to shore. Exhausted, he collapsed on the damp sand, catching his breath. He felt warmth on his skin and realized that he was lying in the sun. He looked back towards the ship. The Wanderer had been pounded to pieces. “Well, I sure won’t be getting home that way.” He said sourly. He staggered erect and turned a full three hundred and sixty degrees. “What on earth?” He stood on an island in the eye of a huge storm. “But there weren’t any hurricanes in the Bermudas today!” He objected. He felt a tremor in the ground, seconds later he felt another. More tremors came, quickly getting closer and growing louder.”Now what?” He said in exasperation.

Branches cracked and an enormous figure shouldered its way through the palm trees fringing the beach. Montana’s jaw dropped in disbelief. The figure seated on the back of the brachiosaur waved at him and shouted. “Hello son, welcome to Atlantis!”

Special Challenge Accepted Emily

468 Words in response to Finish That Thought #31

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