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Something In The Wind

February 3, 2014

Something in the Wind called my Name,
I Felt it, Answered, and Came.
a Summons Loud and Clear,
that Only I could Hear.
“You can Defeat Evil, Travel Swiftly, Alone,
Hasten, or it will be too Late to Atone.”
A Terrible Wrong I once Did,
Committing an Act Forbid.
Now my Retribution has Begun,
a Tremendous Job I can’t Shun.
I am Taken through Perils Dire,
a Testing of my Profound Desire.
Following where the Speaking Wind Leads,
to Perform a Final Mighty Deed.
I enter a Dark and Desolate Valley,
Held Tight in the Iron Grip of Tyranny.
Something in the Blackness harshly Whispers to me,
of Things that Might Have Been, but Now Will Never Be.
A Tale of Extreme Terror it did Tell,
Magic Words Wrought in an Unholy Spell.
Something Draped in Shadows to me Spoke,
of a Malevolence that had just Awoke.
Something in the Ebon Silence to me said,
“All that you Love will soon be Dead!”
Here does my Great Task Start,
I must work with all my Heart.
In this Dire Place I must Begin,
to Drive Evil Back to Its Origin.
Something in the Wild Wind to me said,
“Challenge the Lord of Unending Dread,
Though the very Earth be Racked by Tremor,
Never Admit Defeat or Surrender!”
Darkness Wanes and I  Crouch here,
in Silence I Shed a Single Crystalline Tear.
I Weep for That which is Gone,
and Wait for the Coming of Dawn.
The Sun Lights the Eastern Skies,
I Gather my Strength and Arise.
Something in my Heart does Cry,
“The Wickedness you Must Defy!”
I Summon my Courage and Fight,
I must Triumph over Eternal Night!
Then the Lord of Evil does Appear,
the Final Struggle is Here!
A Strategy I must somehow Contrive,
as Against Wickedness I Strive.
With the Darkness I do Battle,
His Minions are but Dumb Cattle.
I Sweep them Away with but a Thought,
then Destroy what Evil has Wrought.
The War I have Finally Won,
Banished Darkness to Oblivion.
Forever shall I be Scarred,
our Fight was Fierce and Hard.
I have Defeated the Wrong,
Here I shall Always Belong.
Now my Long Journey is Over,
No More shall I be the Rover.
I Hold in the Palm of my Hand
the Keys to a Bountiful and Rich Land.
No more any Need to Fear,
a Fresh Start Begins here.
The Evil Darkness is Gone,
there Rises a New Dawn.



From → Poetry

  1. I especially like ‘held tight in the iron grip of tyranny’

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