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These Places Out Of Time

February 2, 2014

These Places Out of Time,
are No Longer in their Prime
they have Wandered from Scenes Afar,
their Structures are Bizarre.
Architecture Beyond our Ken
with Symmetries Extremely Alien,
their Styles are Very Strange,
Seeming to Shimmer, Flux, and Change,
the Surrounding Constantly Shifting Lands,
are Twisted and Wrenched by Unseen Hands,
these Edifices seem not to Earth to Belong,
their Proportions and Colors are All Wrong,
Bent and Distorted are their Angles,
Bunched in Sprawling Tangles,
Cracked, they Loom with Brooding Age,
an Immensity of Years Impossible to Gage,
you can not Determine their Extent,
for Alterations are Frequent,
they Melt Deep into the Sand,
Buildings that were Once Grand,
Plucked from Time’s Abyss,
Everything Here is Amiss.



From → Poetry

  1. I love this. The concept of places out of time is so creative.

    • I was inspired by a book titled “The Changing Lands” by one of my favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy authors Roger Zelazny.

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