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The American Dream

January 31, 2014
Car wreck, ca 1920

Car wreck, ca 1920

A gnarled finger pointed shakily at the faded photograph labeled Car Wreck, ca 1920. “An that there young man standing over on the left is my Grandpa Henry. That was the day he had his epiphany; them new fangled automobiles were extremely prone to breaking down, if a feller could invent a sturdier model he’d stand to make lots of money. So he got a job at a garage. He worked and studied real hard for years. He developed a fine new car and put it into production. He called it The Dream, it was a big hit. He made thousands of dollars.”

Just then his visitor’s cell phone rang. The boy talked for a few minutes. “What happened to all the money, Grandpa?” He asked, looking around the shabby apartment.

“Why, The Depression hit and them there big car companies took advantage of it to ruin him. They couldn’t let a nigger show them up!” The old man said bitterly.

159 Words in response to Flash! Friday-VOL 2-8, Dragon’s Bidding: Include a Phone Call.

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