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The Cursed One: Origin

January 29, 2014




Today’s assignment: Find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

I opted for the most viewed post and got a surprise when it came up! It was a piece titled “The Cursed One“.
I wrote it in response to the Trifecta: Trifextra Week Ninety-Three Challenge. It was a short 33-word post. Today I’m writing the Origin Myth behind it.

The Cursed One: Origin

In the Beginning there was Nothing but a Timeless Endless Emptiness. The Shaper Grasped it and Molded it. He Gave it Form, Purpose, and Duration. Thus the Universe Came into Being. He Examined His Labors and They were Good. Time Passed and the Shaper Grew Lonely. He Brought Forth His Children and to each He Gave Power and Dominion over Part of His Creation. Then He Rested.
The Book of The Shaping


R’Kareteria stormed through the Temple. “How Dare He leave Us for some Lowly Cow!” She screamed at Her Priestesses. “We are the Goddess of the Moon and Beauty! She is just a mayfly Human!” Her attendants cowered fearfully before Her Wrath. “We shall Teach Him the Error of His Ways!” She caressed Her swollen Belly. “Thou, Unborn Son shall be Our Instrument!” She turned on Her Priestesses. “Leave Us! This is not for You to Witness.” The women frantically fled. R’Kareteria drew the dagger that hung from Her Belt. She sliced open the Palm of Her Hand. Red blood dripped on the golden marble floor of the Temple. “By Power of the Blood We Share, We Lay this Curse upon Thee, Whatsoever Thou Lovest Shalt Wither and Fade, Whatsoever Thou Hatest Shalt Flourish and Grow! So Be It!” Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, and storm clouds suddenly covered the sky. The Child in Her Womb kicked violently.

“What hast Thou done Daughter?” A mighty voice boomed from nowhere and everywhere.

“We have taken Our Revenge, Father!”

“Thou wilt Forever Alter Thine Fate and that of the Universe.” The Shaper rumbled.

“We Do Not Care!” She screamed defiantly.

“Then So Be It. Do not Cry to Us for Mercy when Thou Payst the Price, We shall Show Thee None!” The Shaper sternly replied.


In response to Zero To Hero Day 28: Build On Your Popular Content.

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