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Keeping Up With These Jones’s

January 27, 2014


"Take Me To Your Leader" by Emily Karn

“Take Me To Your Leader” by Emily Karn

What if you discovered a spaceship in your neighbor’s garage?

Brad always knew that his new neighbors, Dick and Sally Jones were a little off. Their house, garden, lawn, and even their dog, always looked picture perfect, like something out of a magazine. Everything was always neat and clean. Brad’s wife Melissa was always nagging him about improvements to keep up with their neighbors image. And the Jones’s themselves, always smiling, friendly, and helpful. It was just so creepy! He went to borrow some hedge clippers a few minutes ago and found out why! There was a compact gleaming spaceship parked in their garage! It was too much! No way could Brad compete with that! He wondered, should he report them as illegal aliens to Homeland Security? It just might get them deported and then he could finally relax back into his normal slobbish self. It was definietly something to consider.
Emily ****************************************************************************************************** In response to Okay, What If? January Writing Challenge

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