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Cat Blogs Roundup

January 24, 2014


Today’s challenge: Publish a roundup post that to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts-and why we should read them.

I decided to share my three favorite cat blogs with you.

  • 1. The Blog of Otis is all about The Cult of Otis. Otis was a feral cat who was rescued by the Guardians. He passed away a little while ago, but they are continuing with their blog. Their Mission is to convince people to keep their cats safely enclosed Indoors. The posts are written from the cat’s perspectives. They are a well-balanced mixture of the funny, entertaining, informative, and serious. There are lots of cute photos. I’ve been following the blog for over 10 months and enjoy every post. I found today’s post Crafting With Kitties to be quite entertaining. One of the cats is trying to host a craft show, hilarious! I’ve included a link to it.
  • 2. Sparkle the Designer Cat is another of my favorites. Again a nice mix of the humorous and serious with good photos. A recent post I enjoyed was Binga at Work. It was quite funny.
  • 3. My Three Moggies is the final entry in my cat blog roundup. The daily lives of three cats in England, complete with photos and videos. I liked Oscar Keeping watch. It was cute.

In response to Zero To Hero Day 23: Publish A Roundup Emily

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