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Back To The Icebox

January 23, 2014

Saturday I got 8 inches of snow. Sunday I shoveled a path to the road and a place for a car to park. Monday the Polar Vortex descended upon us again bringing the below zero temperatures back. I made the trek to the mailbox today as it was a balmy 6 degrees. I bundled up in my calf-length quilted duster, a thick fuzzy hat, my warmest pair of  gloves, and long scarf wound twice around my face. Despite all these precautions by the time I got back to my trailer 15 minutes later I had a brain freeze headache from the cold air. I saw several juncos on my walk. They only show up here when it gets this cold. Much to Selleck’s delight I’ve had to leave my water dripping at night. He loves drinking it fresh from the sink. Emily

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  1. Stay Warm Em! I’m freezing my ass off daily as I bundle up my toddler and get her and all her knick knacks to and from the truck so I can trek my way to my moms house which is two minutes away therefore giving the car NO TIME TO WARM UP! Then to work where the car is warm but my hands still are frozen. On to the humongous parking garage where there is never any parking and the freezing five minute walk into the hospital which hasn’t figured out that winter has hit us and it still refuses to use the heat…
    I think I’ll just go back to my bed now =)

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