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I’ll Take the Island Please

January 19, 2014


You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

This is a tough one, each location has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the questions.

Things To Consider:

  • Drinkable water?
  • Climate?
  • Dangerous animals?
  • Dangerous natives/residents?
  • Construct shelter?
  • Foods I can recognize as being edible?
  • Ways to start fire?
  • Tools?
  • Weapons?

The Building: Nix!

The entire point of kidnapping is to seperate the victim from other people.Thus:

  • 1. The building will be abandoned. The kidnappers don’t want anyone to hear you screaming for help, do they? Which means:
    • A. No water, turned off!
    • B. No power, disconnected!
    • C. No Food, all removed!
    • No loose items, all removed!
  • 2. The building will be secured from the outside to make escape extremely difficult. Can’t have you running to the cops now, can they?
  • 3. It  does provide a ready  made shelter from the elements. 
  • 4. It is also a difficult place to get access to supplies. Most of them are buried in the walls.
  • 5. If your kidnappers are the nasty sort who are doing this for shits and giggles it offers the biggest possibility of booby traps,and so many places for them to hide in ambush.

The Forest: Maybe.

It depends on the kind of forest. 

  • 1. Temperate Needleleaf: mostly coniferous, high lattitude, poor soil.
    • A. Not much food edible by humans!
    • B. Poor climate!

    No way!

  • 2. Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed:  mixed deciduous and broadleaf evergreen, warmer lattitudes.
    • A. Good climate.
    • B. Lots of edible items,
    • C. Few dangerous animals.
    • D. Lots of supplies for shelter, tools, and weapons.


  • 3. Tropical Moist: lowland evergree broad leaf rainforests, jungles.
    • A. Humidity!
    • B. Creepy crawlies!
    • C. Dangerous animals!
    • D. Parasites and diseases!

    Not on this lifetime!

  • 4. Tropical Dry:  deciduous, poor soil, drought prone.
    • A. Drought prone = no water!
    • B. Bad climate!
    • C. Diseases!
    • D. Dangerous animals!

    No thanks!

  • 5. Sparse Trees  and Parkland: boreal and taiga.
    • A. Subarctic climate!
    • B. Scarce food!


I think not, again too many  possibiliies for mayhem and disaster.

The Island: Yes!

  • 1. Continental Islands: bodies of land that lie on a continental shelf.  
    • Examples: Borneo, Java, Sumatra, New Guinea, Tasmania, Great Britian, Ireland, Sicily, Barbadous, Trinidad,Madagascar,New Zealand etc.


  • 2. Desert Islands: usually a small tropical island, desolate and sparsely occupied or unoccupied.
    • Examples: Appat island, Greenland; Kermadec Islands, South Pacific; Coral Sea Islands, Australia; De Long Islands, Arctic Ocean


  • 3. Oceanic Islands: mostly volcanic in origin.
    • Examples: Aleutian Islands, Mariana Islands,  Hawaiian Islands, etc.


  • 4. Tropical Islands: formed from coral reefs.
    • Examples:  Maldives, Tonga, Polynesia, Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, etc.


The odds are with the Island. Particularly a tropical island. It offers the best chance for safety and survival.
In response to: Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice. Emily


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