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For I Have Touched The Sky

January 17, 2014
Tiger and Turtle

Tiger and Turtle

Fritz was by far the most adventurous member of his widespread and numerous clan. In fact, they all considered him an insane daredevil. The tale of his latest stunt left them aghast with disbelief.

Fritz spoke to the assembly, a strange light gleaming in his eyes “I got into position underneath the coaster. When the park closed I began my climb. Slowly, every muscle aching, I pulled myself up each rung. I scrambled and scraped desperately. It was terrifying! I was barely long enough to span the distance between each of them. Several times I almost fell, one slip would finish me! Dawn came and to my exhausted wonder I saw that I had reached my goal. I had climbed up to Heaven and touched the sky!”

How the turtle had got to outside of the top loop of the roller coaster, no man among the walk-down crew could say.
150 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-6, 150 words (10-word leeway, Dragon’s Biding: Include a Tiger or a Turtle. Emily

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  1. Ha ha! Fritz is indeed the most adventurous member of his clan!

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