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January 15, 2014

Adopt one of the plot bunnies from one of these lovely generators I’m linking you to. I picked Seventh Sanctum, 3 Random Elements, 1 Challenge. I got: The story must open in a school. The story must include a dungeon. The story must include a hellhound.


The Headmaster of the School for the Satanically Inclined glowered fiercely down at his student. “What have I told you about performing Advanced Spell Casting without supervision Jeoffrey?”
He growled in exasperation.

Jeoffrey squirmed and hung his head. “Not to do it sir.” He mumbled.

“Straight to the Dungeon boy, and no lollygagging!”

“Sir, what should I do about him?” He pointed at the large black dog with flaming red eyes.

The Headmaster frowned and tugged thoughtfully on his long grey beard. “You Summoned the Hellhound, he’s your responsibility now.” He finally said.

“Yes sir, c’mon Bonecrusher.” The massive canine obediently followed his master. A sly grin flitted over Jeoffrey’s face after he turned away. The other students would find him much harder to bully now!

In response to We Drink Inspiration #007 – Where Has All The Plot Bunnies Gone?. Emily

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