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Flights Of Fantasy

January 8, 2014

This week: produce a piece using YOUR FAVORITE FORM and YOUR FAVORITE MOTIF.

Flights of Fantasys

Oh, what Wonderous Sights to see,
Journeying on Flights of Fantasy.
With Vision Sharp and Keen,
Examining all of my Demensne.
Traveling Far and Wide,
over Everchanging Countryside.
What Marvels will I Create,
what Surprises lie in Wait?
I shall set my Thoughts Free,
Soaring over Land and Sea.
Worlds that Awe, Stun, and Captivate,
Planets and Universes I’ll Fabricate.
A Dazzling Exhibit of Skill
the Manifestation of My Will.
On the Sea of Imagination I Sail,
over its Billows My Path I Trail.
My Hands Steady at the Helm,
I Explore my Fantastic Realm.

In response to: We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #oo8 Poetry. Emily


From → Challenges, Poetry

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