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Cliffhanger! Part 1: Disaster In Space

January 6, 2014

For this week’s challenge, write a post that will leave the readers waiting for more. Breathless with anticipation. On the edges of the seats. Obsessively clicking “refresh,” waiting impatiently for the end of the story. We want to hear audible groans when the readers reach the end of your post and see “To be continued…” Bonus points also available for anyone else who manages to work Sylvester Stallone into their post.


The large courtroom was filled with the quiet buzz of myriad voices chattering. The bailiff banged his staff upon the marble floor. “Hear ye, hear ye, this court is now in session, The Honorable Judge Admiral Dristcull presiding!” He announced loudly. Clothing rustled as the crowd stood.

Silence fell over the room. The tall gray-haired Admiral took his place behind the oak bench. “You may be seated. This hearing is now open. You may present your evidence.” Chairs and benches scraped as people sat.

“I call Cadet Simon D’Zayre to the stand.”

“Cadet, do you swear to tell the truth by all that you hold Holy?”

“I do your Honor.”

“Tell us in your own words what happened.”

Simon sat straight in his chair. He had bronze skin, curling silver-white hair, and piercing green eyes. He was six and a half feet tall, slender, but well muscled. When he spoke, his voice was a deep bass. His left cheek bore a fresh, still healing gash about three inches long. His face was drawn with fatigue. “We boarded the shuttle after the briefing as directed. I had been in deep space often, so I took a nap. The explosion and alarms woke me up. A piece of metal shrapnel flew through the air and cut my face. It wasn’t serious so I ignored it. Smoke was filling the cabin; I pulled my helmet on and sealed it. The cadet seated next to me was having trouble with his helmet, so I helped him. I could feel the shuttle tumbling and spinning out of control. Something had to be done. I got up and staggered to the cockpit door. I pounded on the door and yelled for the crew, but there was no response. I grabbed the strongest looking cadet I could find. I told him that we had to break down the door and get the shuttle under control or we would all die. It took us several minutes of prying before we finally got the door open. I went inside, the cabin was filled with smoke and flames. I used the fire extinguisher.When the air cleared I checked the bodies of the flight crew. They were all dead. They had been blown apart. I checked our course. There wasn’t any time to waste! We were heading straight into an asteroid field! I heard a sudden loud Bang! One of the smaller asteroids had punctured the shuttle’s door and we were losing atmosphere rapidly.”
To be continued…
Excerpt from SPACE CADET by Emily Karn
In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! Emily


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