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Zero To Hero Day 4: Explore The Neighborhood

January 5, 2014


Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

This will take some thought, which five topics to choose?

  • 1. The first one I chose was Sadie & Daisie, it was in my Reader under You May Like. Some interesting photos and cute dogs, but nothing I want to follow.
  • 2. The next was also under You May Like. Michelle Proulx – the Blog. interesting, but again nothing I want to follow.
  • 3. I entered “Cats” into the Tags Explore and picked catself. Sweet cats and some good writing. Added the site to my Follow list.
  • 4. Next I checked out the blog of someone who has commented on my site a number of times. timzauto….in search of the blond haired kid. Very interesting, I am now following it.
  • 5. Finally I choose spontaneous tomato
    because I was intrigued by the blog name. What would it be about? OOH! AH! WOW! It’s a cooking blog with some Very Interesting recipes. Definitely a Keeper! Now following!

Loved this assignment! So much fun, some great new sites! Emily

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