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New Year Winter Wonderland

January 5, 2014

I lucked out. The big snow storm Thursday and Friday only dumped 8 inches of snow on me. Only 8 inches? It is a fair amount but some nearby locations got as much as 12 or 18 inches! I’ve been shoveling for the past 3 days and need to continue today. Fortunately it is very light and fluffy. I am also experiencing some very frigid temperatures. Friday the high was 7 degrees. BRRR!!! Today it has warmed up all the way into the 30’s. Emily


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  1. Once again this year in Seattle everyone seems to be getting snow but us. I’m jealous! The fluffy kind is the best, but those temperatures don’t sound fun.

    • emilykarn permalink

      They weren’t! I wore theremal underwear, sweat pants and shirt, an inslated coat, thick gloves, a warm hat and scarf, and winter boots, but could only be outside for 30 minutes before I was feezing! It is suppposed to get colder tomorrow and Wednesday. Emily

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