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Trifecta’s Three Word New Year’s Resolution Collection

January 4, 2014

So Inspirational! Honored to have participated. Wonderful to see all the choices everyone else made. Emily


Just do better.Mommy Dourest

See the mountains.Hypothetically Writing

Make God first.Joe Owens

Bring it on.Mandy Blake

To bloom bravely.Thin Spiral Notebook

Make 2014 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Bjorn Rudberg

Put those back!The Wizard’s Word

I Shall Be.The Chalk Hill’s Journal

Live life lovingly.PurpleMoose Gazette

Amplify Myself Everyway.Thinkerscap

Love this life.Kirsten Piccini

Do my Best.Writing to be Noticed

Don’t Stress About Rules.From Here to There

Find Your Voice.My Words Are Alive

Laugh Away Fear.Whimsy Gizmo

See the good.The Word Pirate

Take that leap.An Honest Day or Two

Live Authentically, Love.Some Perspectacles

Enjoy life together.Liquid Poet

Learn, not dwell.Janna T Writes

Publish my book!The Bloody Munchkin

Resolved: Happy, Healthy.Not Just Another Mother Blogger

No Impossible Resolutions.The Cheese Whines

Kiss a Dimwit.Shannon City

Accelerate through curves.Red’s Wrap

Work hard, smarter.My Blog…

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