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Odessey Of The Mind

December 31, 2013
Odessey and Oracle

Odessey and Oracle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going on an Odessey of the Mind
Taking a Trip and Leaving Reality Behind
I will travel to Strange Places
And Explore Weird Spaces
To Actuallity I am Stone Blind
Seeking All that I can Find
I am Embarking on a Journey
Voyaging Across the Inner Sea
My Imagination I will Liberate
When I Examine the Worlds I Create
I shall Commence my Trek
My Inventions to Check
Past the Bounds of the Literal Lies my Destination
As I Traverse All the Realms of my Creation
I’ll Wander the Expanse of my Vision
Contemplating Each and Every Alteration
I have Disconnected from the Definite
to Investigate in Detail the Infinite
I’m Departing on an Adventure through Illusions
for the Obsevation of my Conjurations
My Thoughts I Loose and set Free
to Roam the Depths of Abnormality
I shall Forever Dwell in the Kingdoms of Fantasy
What Wonders and Strange Delights will I See!



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