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The Hounds Of Hell

December 29, 2013
From hell.....

From hell….. (Photo credit: Alpha Rios)

Passed have the Days
Dying are the Light’s Rays
Twilight is falling
The Reign of Night is coming
Darkness is stealing over the Land
The Hunter emerges and raises his Hand
A Skeleton, gaunt and tall
He Rules the End of All
He sits upon an ebony Steed
He Summons Those he does Need
He blows his black twisted Horn
And gathers the Forsworn
Come to life are patches of night
They are a frightful sight
Great eyes balefully gleam
Creatures from a Dark Dream
Bodies with powerful muscle
They cavort, leap, and tussle
In gleeful anticipation they Quiver
He speaks in a voice that makes me Shiver
As He gives His fateful Command
“Seek the evil doer!” He does Demand
They spring forth with an Unearthly Baying
On my Trail they will be Staying
I turn and swiftly start to Run
They will Chase until I am Done
Noses scenting and with eager wagging tail
They will not Falter nor will they Fail
They will give me not a minute to Rest
As They Seek to Fulfill Their Unholy Quest
The Hell Pack is Loosed on the Prowl
The Night is filled with their Eerie Howl
They Pursue without Cease
They give me no Peace
They will not let me be
The Hounds of Hell Follow me
My Future looks Bleak and Stark
There is No Escape from the Dark
They are Souls Lost in Eternal Torment
My Strength is quickly Spent
I Turn finally, at Bay
And Fight as I May
I am the Prey They Pursue
Several of Them I Hack and Hew
I Kill, Struggle, and Fight
With All of my Courage and Might
I continue as long as I Draw Breath
I will not go Tamely to my Death!



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