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Verduin’s Lair

December 28, 2013
Dragon In The Dark

Dragon In The Dark (Photo credit: bogenfreund)

“Gather close to me while I tell,
of the day when Verduin fell.
Long ago he swam and played in the salty seas,
and soared high over mountains, valleys, and trees.
Then his restless forays did cease,
and he slept in sweet peace.
Now men come, his wealth to rob,
they are formed in an unruly mob.
Up to Verduin they sneak and creep,
his treasure will not be gotten cheap.
The dragon lies fast asleep,
buried in the earth deep.
The fickering torch light,
reveals quite a sight.
His brilliant scales gleam blood red,
his foes tremble in fear and dread.
The massive monster is very old,
his skin is clammy and cold.
Of him the minstrels often do sing,
recalling the times when he was a wing.
He dreams in the stillness of his mind,
his great eyes are closed and blind.
When the dragon they did find,
swiftly he the men did bind.
Around his huge body the ropes they wind,
they pull tightly and don’t treat him kind.
Then steel does brightly flash,
as sharp swords cut and slash.
Fiercely Verduin does roar,
his body bleeding and sore.
With wounds his mass is lined,
the men he seeks to repay in kind.
He spouts forth a gout of fire,
they have roused his sleeping ire.
Blood pools in small red ponds,
Verduin breaks loose from his bonds.
Now that he has gotten free,
his mighty anger they will see.
Upon the thieves he rounds,
his enemies he rends and pounds.
They make terrible sounds,
and fall limply into mounds.
Away from Verduin they scurry,
afraid to face his fury.
They race along the tunnel path,
desperate to escape his wild wrath.
Verduin begins to weaken and tire,
for him the results will be dire.
He heaves a great sigh,
in pain and sorrow he does cry.
Once he was big and long,
cunning, mighty, and strong.
He sounds his last battle call,
then down upon the earth he does fall.
Verduin lies there in agony,
he receives not a bit of mercy.
Around him those he killed lie,
he will join them soon when he does die.
He remembers the endless sky,
and the times when he did fly.
He chars the bodies with a final blast,
then gently breathes out his last.
He lies crumpled, silent, and still,
the men gather proudly round their kill.
Rich with gold some few will come away,
but many more will forever stay.
Dearly the Treasure they did buy,
the Price in Lives was very high.
Cheering, his Wealth they bring out,
I alone feel any sadness and doubt.
They will haul away what they did thieve,
when they pack it up and leave.
They carry off their Precious gain,
I know that with it goes Verduin’s Bane.
Under its burden I will not strain,
alone at the Cavern I remain.
I go back down inside,
to the place where he died.
From him the blood has drained,
no more will he be pained.
They have done him a great wrong,
I, the bard sing his Death Song.
He once did mighty Deeds,
that filled my Soul’s Needs.
For him I do sorely grieve,
Verduin’s Lair I do leave.
I take only his Tale,
as far away I do sail.”



From → Fiction, Poetry

  1. Absolutely love love love loveeeee this!

  2. emilykarn permalink

    Thank you very, very, much. 😀

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