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A Star Is Born

December 27, 2013
Young Stars Emerge from Orion's Head

Young Stars Emerge from Orion’s Head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Birth is a messy process, there is blood, sweat, and tears involved. Mine was no different save for one fact, the Universe was my mother. Gravity caused clouds of gas and dust to collapse. They coalesced, spiraling ever tighter. Temperature and pressure increased. Crushed and condensed they ignitated. A chain reaction occured. Fusion was initiated. A star was born. I shine brightly in the vast darkness. I am so alone! My siblings are mere distant points of light, many of them are nearing the end of their lives. I am in my youth. I am childless as of yet, though the potential for offspring exists. I long for attention. I am overjoyed when I attract your notice. Study me to your heart’s content!”
The star flashed brightly through NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope at the astronomers, a beacon of hope for a brilliant future.
149 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-3Prompt word: Hope Emily

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