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A Frosty Revenge

December 20, 2013
English: Snowman on frozen Lake Saimaa, Puumal...

English: Snowman on frozen Lake Saimaa, Puumala, Finland Suomi: Lumiukko jäätyneellä Saimaalla Puumalassa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The snowman sat on the ice of the lake. He was decorated with arms made from fir-tree branches. Smaller twigs formed his eyes, nose, and the five buttons down his front. He even wore a wispy toupee made from clumps of needles. He sat still and silent under the frigid winter sun. Night fell and he came to life. His wooden eyes seemed to burn with fire. Crunching and swishing he traveled across the snow and ice. Directed by the malevolence which had created him, he sought out his target. A pair of young boys trudged home through the gloom, tired from their exertions. Silently the snowman engulfed the larger one. The boy struggled and fought, gasping for air. Its grip tightened. The boy slowly suffocated. His frozen body dropped to the ground. “Go now.” His duty done, the snowman dissolved back into individual flakes of snow. “That’ll teach him to bully me!” The younger brother said coldly.

156 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol. 2-2 150 words with a 10-word leeway, Prompt word: Duty. Emily

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