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Cat On a Hot Electric Burner

December 18, 2013
"Selleck 12/18/2013"

“Selleck 12/18/2013”

Yesterday afternoon I was surprised by the sudden “Sqwual!” of a cat in pain. I heard a loud “Thump!” and Selleck went racing by for the bedroom as fast as he could on three feet. In the kitchen I investigated the scene. I soon determined what had happened. I had just finished cooking some Goulash with Blue Cheese. Some of the cheese had spilled on the range top and Selleck had been eating it. I forgot to put the tea kettle on the hot burner like I usually do. Selleck stepped on it and burnt his foot. It took me ten minutes to coax him from out of under the bed where he was hiding. I finally persuaded him to let me examine the foot in question. To my relief it wasn’t red or blistered. He limped around the rest of the day. As you can see from the photo today he is looking happy and alert. he is also putting his full weight on the foot. I tried to take a picture of his paw pads but he wouldn’t let me. Thank goodness he didn’t seriously hurt himself. He just got the hot foot. Emily

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