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Collecting Detail: Winter’s Beauty

December 17, 2013
Snow Cat

Snow Cat (Photo credit: clickclique)

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail

THREE GLIMMERS AND AT LEAST A PARAGRAPH: Turn your observational superpowers on high alert.

  • 1. Pick three original details from encounters during your day or your week that you’ve observed.
  • 2. Once you’ve collected your details, your “glimmers of a beginning”, write at least one paragraph containing your original details.

I got another inch of snow yesterday. Time to shovel, again! I put on my winter clothing and headed for the front door. Out of curiosity I stopped at the mirror and checked my reflection. I looked like a giant grape in my plum-colored corduroy coat. A bright red silk poinsettia flower on a wide white satin ribbon was pinned to my right lapel. My matching knitted hat and scarf are made from multi-colored yarn in shades of purple and pink. The name of the yarn color was Sugar Plum Fairy. My mittens and sweatpants are black. My ski boots are light gray with lilac tongues and black waterproof bottoms. The only patch of my bare skin showing is pasty white. My eyes are dark brown. My glasses have metallic rose-colored frames and the lenses are tinted a light rose. I am quite a sight! I’m reminded of the line from the Christmas Carol Deck the Halls. It goes “Don we now our gay apparel, Fa la la la la la la,”. It certainly fits!

Outside I’m struck by the splendor of the day. My senses are engaged.

Sight: I’m entranced by the sparkling ice crystals shining like glitter in the snow. The brilliant blue sky is laced with whispy white clouds. Dark green fir trees are lightly dusted with snow and candled with dark brown cones. The starkness of leaf barren trees shows in shades of brown, black, and gray. Dark red fruit dangle from the crabapple tree. The gleaming icicles hanging from the eaves. The gray and white of the paper-bark birch blends with the snow. Pale brown maple seed are strewn on the snow. Tiny black berries decorate a shrub. A small brown rodent scampers across a nearby drift. My breath misting in the frigid air.

Sound: The hush of the landscape is broken by the distant “Hum.” of traffic on the main road. A bluejay utters his harsh “Screech!”. The sweet “Ting, ting.” of the wind chimes dancing. The mournful “Honk, honk, honk.” of the flying vee of geese. The gentle “Swoosh!” of snow blown from the trees. The sharp “Snap!” of a flag hitting its pole. The eerie “Creak, creak, groan, groan.” of cold wood moving. A band of black crows crying “Caw! Caw! Caw!”. The “Rattle, rattle, rustle.” of the few dead leaves that cling to the trees. The “Scrape.” of my blade against the frozen ground. The soft “Pomf!” of my landing shovelfuls. The shrill Yap! Yap! Yap!” of the neighbor’s small dog.

Smell: The cleanness of snow purified air.
Touch: The warmth of the sun on my chilled face. The gelid bite in my lungs. The trickle of sweat raised by my exertions. The dull ache of my shoulders, back, and knees.

Finished I return inside. That is when the final sense came into play.
Taste: The steaming goodness of the rich hot chocolate. The sweetness of the melted marshmallow foam. The tang of the dash of cinnamon spice I added.

I reflect on the Day and the Season and appreciate the Wonders of Winter’s Beauty.


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