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The Mailbox Expedition

December 15, 2013
Snowfall Before Shoveling 12/14/13

Snowfall Before Shoveling 12/14/2013

"Snowfall After Shoveling 12/14/2013"

“Snowfall After Shoveling 12/14/2013”

Yesterday I had to get togged up and make the trek to the mailbox. It had been snowing slowly and steadily since Thursday night. There was a good four inches of snow on the ground. Time to break out the snow shovel. First I had to get ready.

Prep Checklist:

  • a pair of long johns
  • a long-sleeve thermal undershirt
  • a pair of sweatpants
  • a sweatshirt
  • my winter boots
  • a warm knitted winter hat
  • my fuzzy mittens
  • my insulated coat
  • a long scarf
  • my keys
  • a tote bag for the mail
  • my  ergonomic bent-handle snow shovel
  • my walking cane

It took me five minutes just to get ready. Then came the fun part! Shoveling a path to the road. Luckily, the snow was light and dry. Then I trudged carefully through the slush to the mailbox and back. Then I shoveled out the end of the driveway where they had plowed it in so it wouldn’t turn into an ice slick. Forty-five minutes later I was exhausted and finished for the day. Later today I’ll go shovel out enough of the driveway for a car to pull in off of the road. Emily

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