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A Fish Story

December 13, 2013
English: Sitting on the back of a boat holding...

English: Sitting on the back of a boat holding up a large fish,Woongoolbah, ca. 1920 Fisherman and a young child are sitting on the back of a boat . The fisherman is holding a large fish, possibly a cod. They are fishing in the Sandy Straits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Have I told you the story about ones that got away Pike?”

“No you haven’t Bass.”

“It was 1920, and I was in Sandy Straits. There were two of them, the smaller one was over four feet long and the larger one was almost six. It was a beautiful day, sunny, with a light chop on the water. I used my best lure to bring them in close to me. I hooked them! Cunningly I played them, letting them run out, then reeling them in again. They fought with every trick they had. They were tiring, when my line suddenly snapped! They fled at top speed. They reached the shallows and safety before I could reacquire them.”

“What did you do Bass?”

“I shrugged it off and invested in a stronger line. I did lose my favorite lure though. I almost split my gills laughing when I remember the expressions on the fishermen’s faces as they sped away in their boat.”

159 Words in response to Flash! Friday-Vol 2-I, 150 words with a 10-word leeway Prompt word: “LAUGHTER” to be used in any form. Emily

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