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Snapshot Poem # 5

December 3, 2013

Alone on a winter morning,

the sky bright and clear,

inhaling the frigid air,

crisply clean and pure,

it sears my nose and lungs,

my breath is a steaming mist,

my face is rosy from the chill,

my teary eyes are temporarily blinded,

by the brightness of the white expanses,

and the glistening, glittering ice,

encasing the starkly barren trees,

the creak of branches groaning,

the crunch of my boots on fallen snow,

as I trudge slowly along,

my soul enraptured by beauty,

a cold and frozen perfection.

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots
Rather than giving into the urge to take a picture, write down your impressions of the scene. Who’s around? How does the air feel? What sound do you hear? What emotions are you experiencing? Using words only take a snapshot of the experience. Emily

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