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December 2, 2013
Halong Bay

Halong Bay (Photo credit: Fahara)

The oriental dragon carved of wood brooded over the waters of Halong Bay. The sky and sea were tinged pink by the light of the setting sun. A mist slightly veiled the dark rocks strewn around the bay. Night fell and darkness ruled. Magic unfurled. A brilliant red spark blossomed inside the dragon’s eyes. Wood changed to flesh, bone, and blood. Brown warmed to gleaming colored scales. Synapses fired. The mighty heart began to beat. Lungs bellowed and the dragon took a giant breath. Muscles tensed and relaxed. The great beast came to life. A centuries old intellect surveyed its surroundings. Satisfied, he plunged into the waiting ebon waters. Sinuously he slithered through the waves. Sharp white teeth shone as he opened his massive jaws wide. He dove and snatched at mouthfuls of fish, ravenously gulping them down. The shadow of a ship darkened the water of the bay. Strange noises came from the instruments it towed. Curious he rose to examine it. He heard a shrill voice say. “Search the area, I’m after a dragon!”

Quietly he submerged. Carefully he considered his options. Decision made, he took action. He playfully nudged the boat, causing it to roll in the ocean. Darting in and out he led it a merry chase. The dragon easily eluded the slow and cumbersome vessel, snaking swiftly through the water. The junk hired by the cryptozoologist scanned the area in vain. He headed out to sea. The dragon heard the so-called scientist cursing the Vietnamese crew. “Proof! I need solid proof!” He screamed in frustration. All night long he played tag. Letting the crew get brief glimpses of him, but never remaining still long enough to be photographed. The coming of dawn heralded the end of the dragon’s fun. He left the junk behind. Regretfully he dove deep and snaked away. He swam back to the bay and resumed his pose. The best way to hide was in plain sight. He remembered the slaughter of the whales. Safer to be thought a myth or legend than reality. He gathered his Magic and invoked the Transformation.

350 Words in response to Flasversary, 350 words, no leeway. Emily

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