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Lament For The Earth

November 30, 2013
Earth from Space

Earth from Space (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lying in my bed one Night,
I heard the cry of their Plight.
Rising from the Heart of the Sea,
the Leviathans do reproach me.
Oh, where have you gone?
I hear your despairing song,
thou Creatures of the Deep,
sounding loud in my sleep,
you cry in tortured voices.
“You gave us no choices!
Oh Man, what did we do,
why were we slaughtered by you?”

A vast chorus of Song,
droning all Night long,
Filled with chirps, and trills,
that gives my Soul chills.
Where are all the birds?
Their peeps are no longer heard,
they who used to beautifully sing,
nor the thunder of their myriad wings.
They who once filled the skies,
I hear their forlorn cries.
“Oh Man, what did we do,
that we must be slain by you?”

The forests sighing their Protest,
they give me no peaceful rest.
All life you do betray,
when you sweep us away!
Where are the flowers and trees?
Their silent voices are carried on the breeze,
they that once bloomed and grew,
sparkled sunlit and drenched with dew.
Their vast chorus of voices say,
filling my Heart with dismay,
“Oh Man, what did we do,
that we must be destroyed by you?”

Oh Mother Earth! All your Children We Kill,
With a wild and unbridled Will,
We ravage, pillage, and destroy,
like a child with an unwanted toy,
We burn with an unending Lust,
’til what remains turns to Dust.
What is any Creature’s life Worth,
when We slowly Kill the very Earth?
Unless we finally do Learn,
that there is no where else to turn,
Soon there may come a Day,
When Yourself we will also Slay!



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