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November 29, 2013

Thanks for your nomination.


When I was a new kid in the WordPress block. the Liebster award was as alien to me as to my knowledge of blogging itself. Frankly, I wish to get it as soon as possible to give me some initial confidence.

That was nine months ago. How time flies!

Eric of Hunt FOR Truth on wordpress nominated me for the award. Visit his site and you’ll discover that science and religion can join together in the search for the elusive truth.

liebster-award (1)

  • Accept the award by posting the logo on your site, thanking and linking back to your nominator.
  • Answer a set of questions asked of you by your nominator.
  • Select (nominate) 3-6 blogs you wish to recognize (with 200 WordPress followers or less), notifying them by commenting on their site.
  • Interview your nominees with a set of 10 questions.

Eric’s questions are very intriguing for a simple farmer like me…

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