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The Companion

November 20, 2013
Mistress Liliane Hunt

Mistress Liliane Hunt (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

I took my first Companion’s job when I had just turned sixteen. Legally this is the youngest age allowed for doing my kind of work. I was always beautiful, first as a baby, then as a young girl, and I became a gorgeous woman. My mother was determined to train me from my earliest days in my Trade. I learned all the necessary things: Beauty, Conversation, Cooking, Presentation, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Psychology, Health, History, Housekeeping, Bookkeeping, Gardening, Manners, Deportment, Current Events, Industry, Languages, and Popular Culture. By the time I was finished I was the equivalent of a University Graduate.

My first client was a sweet and tender elderly gentleman. I quickly became both famous and wildly popular. I had men vying for my attentions and earned a magnificent salary. I catered to their every whim and need. My Appointment Book soon read like a “Who’s Who” of the rich and famous. I followed all the Government rules and regulations. I was a good citizen and paid all of my taxes promptly and in full. I was lucky, I never got sick nor was I ever beaten up. I did the work but I never really enjoyed it. I was happy when I came to the age of retirement. I put in my thirty years and that was enough for me. The Company gave me a gold watch at the party and thanked me for my many years of faithful service. Now I’m writing my memoirs. “Companion” it sounds so much nicer than “Mistress”.

232 Words in response to Trifecta: Week 104, 33 to 333 words. companion: noun 3 a: one that is closely connected with something similar. b: one employed to live with and serve another. Emily

  1. Great work! I was just skimming through my blog roll when I saw your opening line. It made me stop and go “wait, what?” Those are some memoirs I’d definitely be interested in reading.

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