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Alien Songs

November 16, 2013

A lump into my chest They bring,
as I hear the Extraterrestrials Sing.
A Strange and Eerie Melody,
filled with Unearthly Harmony.
I listen to the Alien Songs,
for my Home my heart longs.
their Descant is Piercingly high,
its Sweet Agony makes me cry.
Their uneasy Spectral Music,
cuts my Soul to the quick.
The Haunting dulcet Tone,
Brings realization that I’m alone.
Their sharp and silvery Notes,
leave me feeling Lost and Remote.
Their quick Foreign Rhythm,
causes me to turn Grim.
Their Weird, slow Measure,
produces a Pain I can’t Cure.
Their Spooky Concordance,
my Heart and Mind Entrance.
Their Orchestrations are Uncanny,
I give heed to the Strange Symphony.
Their Voices ring out in a Chime,
that is Supernaturally Sublime.
I, the Stranger on their Shore,
listen until I can bear no more.
To the Earth my Body Belongs,
But I am Enchanted by the Alien Songs.



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